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Αρχική Παιχνίδια Geisha - The Secret Garden
Geisha - The Secret Garden preview image
Big Fish Ματζόνγκ Τρισδιάστατα GardenFlowersMahjong
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Fun, engaging gameplay.

Enticing match three gameplay.

Create a beautiful garden.

Mahjong Games are always bringing some new and interesting mechanic to the table, and Geisha - The Secret Garden is certainly one of those titles. Instead of relying on the old fashioned gameplay, this title is focusing more on the creation of a zen garden that you can, after that, decorate according to your own liking.

Geisha - The Secret Garden comes with a fun set of mini-games as well as some Japanese visuals. While the graphics in this title might not be the strong point, it’s safe to say that with the help of some beautiful backgrounds, stellar tile design and some interesting characters, they successfully manage to induce a relaxing, fun atmosphere that you will enjoy.

The gameplay is really neat, as in this game you can move only horizontally, which might seem a major limitation at first, but as you start playing, you will definitely realize that there are lots of things to be had here. You have a timed and relaxed mode, but you can easily switch between these at your own pace, that’s not a problem.

The extra challenge in this game comes through the gimmick tiles that simply cannot be moved. Some can be used to clear the snow, others need to be broken and so on. You will have to complete various objectives in the levels, but most of them rely on removing a certain number of tiles, getting a certain score and so on. The gameplay is really fun because of that, since you always have to face something new, which makes the game a whole lot of fun.

As you play you will gain a lot of new abilities that will help you destroy the tiles rapidly. From Wind to Steel powers, there are lots of new and interesting abilities to experiment here, you just need to find the ones you like most and include them in your strategies to complete the levels.
The coins you can find in the game can be used to customize the garden layout. You can purchase 12 types of customization pieces, and each one of these can be upgraded three times, which means that you do require playing the game a lot.

Geisha - The Secret Garden should be played on the Normal difficulty, because even here you will face quite a lot of challenges. Unfortunately, there are some minor problems. In the beginning, some levels can be really tough, while in the end you can find some easy ones, which means that a lot more balancing is needed. On the other hand, the Relax mode is a pleasure to play through, highlighting the fact that Geisha - The Secret Garden is a casual game at heart.

Without any plot or a real ending, there isn’t any reason to play the game for the story, so the main challenge stays in the levels which are really interesting. Geisha - The Secret Garden is quite fun for people that want interesting match 3 games, so if you want a challenge, then this game will certainly offer it to you. Geisha - The Secret Garden Περίληψη

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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Geisha - The Secret Garden Booster Gameplay for Geisha - The Secret Garden Geisha - The Secret Garden Gameplay Fun, engaging gameplay.

Enticing match three gameplay.

Create a beautiful garden.
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