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Τα περισσότερα παιχνίδια σαν Bloom! Share flowers with the World

Όλα τα Παιχνίδια
Beat your competitor’s earnings in flower arrangements.

Upgrade your florist shop’s facilities to serve customers better.

Exceed your goals for better rewards.
10 Gardentopia


Today's hottest growing garden game on Facebook!

Create the garden of your dreams with beautiful flowers, trees, decorations, and more.

Meet fun characters and get involved in their stories.

Grow your garden with your friends today in Gardentopia!
99 Έπαιξες
9 Flowers Game

Flowers Game

Connect the corresponding flower with their other pair

Make sure the plant vines do not cross each other

Match all the flowers to complete the puzzle and unlock the next
104 Έπαιξες
8 Solitaire Tripeaks Garden

Solitaire Tripeaks Garden

Collect all the cards on the playing area by stacking them up

Earn combo points by racking up "streaks"

Get the highest score by solving each level faster
111 Έπαιξες
7 Flower Shop Fun

Flower Fun

Relax and enjoy the pleasures of Spring all year round.

Get creative with teddy bears, sweets and anything else you fancy!

Fantastic Flower Shop - Play on Facebook!

190 Έπαιξες
6 Fairyland


Welcome to Fairyland - Fantastic Flower Game!

Grow a magical garden which attracts beautiful wildlife, and make lots of wonderful new friends.

Play Free - on Facebook!
217 Έπαιξες
5 Super Gem Heroes

Gem Heroes

Play Super Gem Heroes Free - on Facebook!

Team-up with Gem Boy and Ruby-loo as they travel through Dreamland in search of the devious Boogeyman!

Can you help them recover all of Gem Boy's stuffed animals?

Mix and combine Gems to unleash Gem Boy's super powers! Play with friends to compete for the highest score. Be the first to rescue all of Gem Boy's stuffed companions and save Dreamland! Play now!
242 Έπαιξες
4 Bloom Box

Bloom Box

Bloom Box is an addicting puzzle with hours worth of exciting chain reaction gameplay!

Move the boxes with different patterns to create a chain reaction and release flowers that have been trapped within.

Play Now - on iPhone or iPad!
295 Έπαιξες
3 Mahjong: The Secret Garden

Mahjong: The Secret Garden

You have inherited a a secret garden and now must work to restore it to it's former glory.

Travel to different location and unlock many new items to enhance your garden.

Play hundreds of different mahjong games along the way and compete with friends and family.
315 Έπαιξες
2 Flowers Story

Flowers Story

Enjoy a colorful and cute match-3 puzzle game.

Play over 80 different levels with increasing difficlty and many special features.

Enter the deep involving story and uncover the secrets of the flowers story.
680 Έπαιξες
1 Flower Paradise

Flower Paradise

Play over 250 unique flower puzzles and create a beautiful garden.

Enjoy different types of maps and puzzles.

Unlock trophies and test your skills in timed modes.
1,017 Έπαιξες