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Facebook Simulation 3D BuildingGardenFantasy SettingManagement
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Defy the norm and take the role as a wicked villain on a majestic journey for supremacy.

Stand proud as a villain that is on a quest to find the greatest power.

Discover untold magic and hidden places with vast explorations and exciting quests.

When it comes to games, it is always quite inevitable that the role to assume is the role of a hero or a good character. But in the Facebook game Forbidden Garden, published by 6Waves Games, players take on the mantel of the villain this time and experience what it truly means to be on the “other” side.

As with all known stories and games, every villain has a desire to become the most powerful being in the world. And in Forbidden Garden, the main character in the story also shares the same aspiration in life. After being kicked out from the Academy of Evil—the supreme authority of all things “villainous”, players must now take on the task of restoring an abandoned citadel which shall serve as the headquarters of evil.

And when it comes to putting back the citadel to what it once was, refurbishing the place involves gathering different types of resources and materials around the area. The act of collecting all the resources available is what completes the gameplay of Forbidden Garden.

In terms of currency and resources, players will have to juggle the use of resources such as energy, experience, timber, stones, knowledge, crystals, population, and minions. Energy is a premium resource in the game as every action involved in the game (building, gathering, etc.) spends a certain amount of energy. And without energy, the player may no longer perform the necessary actions to move forward in the game. Once the energy is spent, players may either purchase more energy from the shop or ask their Facebook “friends” to spare them an extra “energy”. Experience is also another important resource in the game as it helps players level up as they go on and complete a variety of quests.

One of the most important resource in the game are the Minions, tiny creatures that help players with every task in the game. These Minions are also responsible for building infrastructure in the player’s domain. There are several types of Minions that cater to different types of tasks. For example, the Rubrik Minion is best used for creating buildings since their types usually work faster when it comes to building infrastructures. In the game it is not only the player that levels up and gains experience.
Minions also level up through experience which makes them work faster and more efficiently. If ever players fall short in the supply of Minions, they may opt to purchase additional Minions by using up their “souls”.

As the game basically involves tons of building, constructing shall cover a huge part of the gameplay. In the beginning, there are only a few buildings available to build. As the player continues to play, these buildings may be available later on. Every building also consists of a certain amount of profit the player may gain once it is finished so naturally, a structure that has a large amount of profit shall take longer than usual to be built and it will also require a bigger population to sustain it.

Forbidden Garden, with its attractive graphics and engaging story, offers players a once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover what it really means to become the “bad guy” for a change. It is a game that will surely provide players a much-needed relief from the usual gameplay in management games. Forbidden Garden Summary