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Facebook Rustig 3D Match 3
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Collect your crops from the garden.

Meet your quota and move on to the next challenge.

Enjoy cute graphics and challenging gameplay from this match-3 game.

From its title, you’d think it’s a time management game. No, it’s not… this is simply a visually appealing yet simultaneously challenging Match 3 game. Welcome to Garden Story!

It takes its name from the fact that the game plays out the story of a young lady farmer and her faithful pet dog. They have to take care of their crops, and harvest them when necessary so they can earn some coins. Are you ready to help them? If yes, then let’s go.

The game begins with a short tutorial teaching you the basics of the game. You simply swap crops with each other, with the goal of making matches of 3 or more identical crops in a line. That’s the basic premise and, once you master that, you’ll get to dive into the game by yourself. Every once in a while, if there’s a new feature, a short tutorial will pop up again at certain levels.

If you can make matches of more than 3 identical crops, you get a bonus. For instance, if you manage to make a line of four identical crops, anything remaining instance of that crop near where the match was made will get a number beside it. This represents the value that will be counted towards your goal if you manage to match that crop with its identical counterpart. Make sure to be quick about that, because the bonus disappears in the next turn.

Each level imposes on you a set of goals. At the first few levels, you’ll be tasked with collecting a specific number of certain crops. For instance, one level could ask you to collect 50 watermelons and 10 onions.

There are also levels that include special objectives. In addition to collecting crops, you might be tasked with collecting butterflies. This can be done by matching up crops that has butterflies on their head.

You can get some special tools that you can use, like the Shovel. The shovel removes one crop from the board without having to make a match. As you progress, you can unlock more tools. However, these tools are not free - you will have to purchase them using in-game cash or, if you can afford it, real currency through micro-transactions.

In terms of graphics, Garden Story will not get left behind. There are cute animations involving the crops every time they are matched, together with many others. The graphic quality is high, with images or sprites clear and detailed.

In a nutshell, what you get out of the game are these: excellent graphics, challenging gameplay and a fresh concept.

Now, time for the big question. Where can you play Garden Story? Look for it on Facebook. You can play it 100% for free, without having to make a prior in-app purchase. Garden Story Samenvatting

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Meet your quota and move on to the next challenge.

Enjoy cute graphics and challenging gameplay from this match-3 game.
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