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Игры, Как Gnomes Garden 2

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Домой Игры Gnomes Garden 2
Gnomes Garden 2 preview image
Big Fish Симуляторы 3D GardenFantasy SettingТайм-менеджментФерма
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Utilize your workers to their utmost capacity.

Reach all the level’s goals to move on to the next one.

Achieve all the goals in as short a time as possible to get three stars.

An evil troll queen has cast black magic upon the kingdom of a young princess, who finds herself in the company of gnomes. These gnomes have also been victims of the trolls, and now, the princess seeks to restore the beauty of the gnomes’ world and to defeat the troll queen.

Welcome to Gnomes’ Garden 2, a highly exciting virtual world simulator that you can download and play for free for a limited time via the Big Fish Game Manager app. After playing the demo, you can then purchase the full version so you can play the game to your heart’s content.

The game’s story is spread out across various chapters, each with their own levels or sub-chapters that you have to play before you can move on to the next. In each level, you’re tasked with a number of goals that you have to accomplish. These goals are varied; however, at the core of each level, is the production and collection of resources like Food, Crystals, Wood and Stone.

Now, you have access to a single gnome worker who will do your tasks for you. For example, he can collect resources for you. All you have to do is to click on the resource, and the worker will run to it and collect it for you. You can also use him to build production facilities, i.e. the Mill, the Quarry, the Sawmill and Mine.

You can queue tasks for him by simply clicking on the different objects, facilities or resources. Once the task is queued, it is given a check mark. The worker will move on automatically according to the order of the tasks in the queue. If there are blocks, however, like bogs or destroyed roads, the task will not be queued unless the path is cleared.

To clear a path, you can simply click on the obstruction and the worker will take care of it.

Certain tasks require resources, and you can find out what resources are needed simply by hovering over the obstruction or the un-built facility.

Facilities can also be upgraded so they produce more resources in each turn. The Gnomes’ Tent can also be upgraded so you can get one extra worker.

Aside from the Gnome, you also have the Fireman and Sorceress. The Sorceress collects magic seeds and plants trees, while the Fireman speeds up the growth of the tree by pouring water over it. Just like the Gnome, you can get one extra Sorceress or Fireman by simply upgrading their tents to Level 2.

All of the tasks listed in your goals must be accomplished within a time limit. You can see the time gauge on the left side of the screen, with three stars. The fastest time in which you can finish the goals will give you three stars, while the slowest time will reward you with one star.

Gnomes’ Garden 2 is a highly engaging and entertaining virtual world simulator, set in a fantasy world sure to capture your fancy. Give it a try now, or purchase the game right away on Big Fish! Gnomes Garden 2 Описание

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Gnomes Garden 2 Harvesting Food Gnomes Garden 2 Barren Farm Gnomes Garden 2 Magic Tree Utilize your workers to their utmost capacity.

Reach all the level’s goals to move on to the next one.

Achieve all the goals in as short a time as possible to get three stars.
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